One More Sleep!

Only one more sleep until I embark on this great big beautiful adventure.
Wow what?
Is this really about to happen?
In less than 24 hours I’ll be flying to the other side of the planet to experience a whole new continent, country, and culture in Cape Town, South Africa. There is no way to accurately express the emotions I’m feeling at this moment. All I really know is that there are a lot of them! I’ll try anyway. I’m so excited to explore this new world I could actually cry tears of joy, but then again saying goodbye to my best friends over the past few days has certainly not produced the same tears. I’m in utter disbelief and honestly already on cloud 9 that in the very near future I’ll be riding elephants, bungee jumping, cage diving with great white sharks (sorry mom) and climbing the epic Table Mountain, not to mention taking classes at the University of Cape Town. I’m going to have the best time of my life. On the other hand, I’m already feeling extreme fomo for some of my favorite things the spring semester has to offer at Chapman. Delta Queen, Greek Skit, Gamma Phi Beta Formal, and adventures at Disneyland of course. But even though I’ll miss my family, friends, and traditions at Chaptown, I wouldn’t give this adventure up for anything.
At Disneyland recently, I asked Peter Pan what his best tip was for going on an adventure, to which he replied “Don’t stop”. I can’t even try to explain how excited I was in that moment to make the most of my semester abroad. I feel so grateful that I have such a supportive family and group of friends, and that I am even able to spend an entire semester in a different hemisphere.
Here’s to meeting new people, seeing new places, doing new things, eating new foods, and embracing a new culture. Here’s to you Cape Town. I’m coming for ya.


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