The Chronicles of Cape Town Coffee: Episode Two

Oh look it’s coffee o’clock!

Cape Town Coffee is back after quite the hiatus. Life in the Mother City has been exciting but busy, and I have regrettably not tried as many coffee shops I would have liked to. It will definitely be one of my “last month goals”. Holy crap. Last month. Did I really just type that? Where has 3 months gone? Time is actually slipping through my fingers like sand at this point, but it’s fine I have coffee to make me feel better right?

Over the past few weeks, I got to try two very different types of coffee joints. The first was Origin Coffee, a pretty fancy place with an espresso menu and everything, but surprisingly great prices, and coffee from all over the world. It felt like the elite place to go coffee tasting. The next was an Ethiopian restaurant on Long Street called Madam Taitou. What looked like a souvenir shop was actually a hidden gem. My friend Deena and I were just exploring the street when we saw that they had coffee so we decided to go in. We got to sit in one of the elevated loft areas and it quickly became one of my favorites places in the city, as well as a favorite coffee spot. Here go the general reviews:

Origin Coffee Roasting: located in De Waterkant, between the city centre and Green Point. One of the coolest coffee shops I’ve ever seen.

  • Drink: Iced Coffee
  • Price: R24 ($1.99)
  • Taste: Perfect medium roast, not too sweet and not too bitter
  • Service: Refreshing and educational, they told us about the origin and roasting process of several menu items.
  • Overall Score: 10/10 – Finally coffee over ice. This is one of the only places I’ve been able to find it on the menu.


Madam Taitou: located on Long Street in the business district, near Greenmarket Square. It came with your own pot to pour and the most adorable mini cup.

  • Drink: Ethiopian Coffee
  • Price: R15 ($1.24)
  • Taste: This coffee is made with ginger, which is surprisingly delicious and results in fantastic energy. Also clears your sinuses and is just a general mood booster šŸ™‚
  • Service: Really genuine and friendly. Our waitress told us 10-12 minutes, which allows for the coffee to brew correctly, and she was spot on.
  • Overall Score: 9/10 – I just wish there was more!


My last 6 weeks in the Mother City will definitely be filled with more (and new) coffee, I promise. I must stop talking about how much time I have left, or lack thereof. Time for another cup of coffee.


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